Together Shine Youth and Quality , Together Create Glory and Dream

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  Collegeof Engineering and Architecture is a secondary Collegeunder the direct leadership of Guangxi City Vocational University. According to the nature and content of the work, it’s installed with administrative office, which consists of administrative office, teaching administration office, student work & youth league committee, and science and technology department. The Collegenow offers two 4-years programs in Civil Engineering and Project Cost, and five 3-years programs in Construction Engineering Management, Project Cost, Construction Supervision, Engineering Measurement Technology, Road and Bridge Construction Technology. At present, the college has a strong faculty for training high-level techniciansand the establishment of various majors, a large-scale comprehensive training base with complete functions and advanced facilities and 15 laboratories and training room which consists of Industry-education Integration Studio, Measuring Instrument Room, Architectural Drawing Room, Laboratory for Materials Mechanics, Training Room for Project Cost Software, Training Room for Project Cost, Geotechnique Laboratory, Training Room for Building Trades, Building Materials Laboratory, Training Room for 3d Modeling and Imaging Analysis, Training Room for Prefabricated Construction, Training Room for Decorative Materials Understanding, Comprehensive Training Center for Architecture, Training Room for Architectural and Structural Model, which not only can meet the teaching needs of professional courses, but also can undertake social service skills training. Guided by professional teachers and enterprise technical backbones, a regional research basefor the training and applicationof first-class talent is created through the platform of professional experimental training room and industry-education integration center, centering on “industry-educationintegration, collaborative education”. The college correctly deals with the relationship between scale, structure, quality and benefit and forms a development pattern dominated by engineering with the aim of training high-level technicians for the society.

The ceremony of signing agreement with Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Fourth Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Decoration material cognition training room

Prefabricated building training room

The teachers and students

The prize presentation ceremony