An introduction to College of Marxism

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  Collegeof Marxism is an independent secondary institutiondirectly under the administration of Guangxi City Vocational Universityand it is a teaching department for ideological and political theory coursesin the College. All the teachers are responsible for the constructionand the research of the marxist theory.

  We have a complete set of institutions andthe teachers are reasonablein structure. Now we have two departments: one is the department of teaching and scientific research, the other is the general office. For the department of teaching and scientific research, we have five sections: Teaching and research office of basic principles of marxism, teaching and research office of sinicization of marxism, ideological and political teaching and research office, teaching and research office of Chinese modern and contemporary history, teaching and research office of situation and policy. We are now having 90 teachers, including 13 professors, 19 associate professors, 18 lecturers and 12 teaching assistants.These teachers are high-level with profound academic abilities, various ages, excellent academic qualifications and professional titles.

  We have complete teaching structure and made achievements in research. In terms of teaching,five compulsory coursesare offered for undergraduate students: Ideological, Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis,Outline of Modern Chinese History, Basic Principles of Marxism, Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and Situation and Policy.In terms of scientific research and development,we haveundertaken more than 30 scientific research projects in recent years, including more than 10 provincial projects and more than 50 published papers.

  To improve the quality of teaching,our teachers have all-round innovation and development of the teaching concept, content, meansand methods, and we are also committed to combine scientific research withteachingtoform the unique teaching models, which greatly improved the teaching effects. In the future, we will strive to build an influential Collegewith enthusiasmand high-spirited posture.

  Wu Tifu, deputy secretary of the party committee of the College, held a lecture on "making good use of current political news, innovating ideological and political teaching"

  Zhou Yiwen, deputy secretary of the party committee of the College, held a lecture on "ideological and political teachers in colleges and universities should be ideological"