College of Automotive Engineering

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  Founded in 2006, Collegeof automotive engineering is a secondary college of Guangxi city vocational university. Now we have an undergraduate major and four college majors. The undergraduate major is automobile service engineering, and the college majors are new energy automobile technology, automobile inspection and maintenance technology, automobile marketing and service, and automobile electronic technology. In 2013, automobile detection and maintenance technology was rated as the key major of Guangxi universities. At present, the Collegeof automotive engineering has a total of 116 faculty members, including 21 with postgraduate degrees and 62 with subtropical high title.We havea large on-campus training base and 21 off-campus training baseswith the total value of equipment assetsmore than 18 million yuan. In 2019, we became one of the first 1+X certificate pilot colleges in the professional field of automobile in China, and has carried out the training and examination of two certificates, "technology of automobile electronic and electrical and air conditioning comfort system" and "technology of new energy automobile electronic and electrical and air conditioning comfort system".

  New energy car sharing park

  The Collegehas been established for 13 years. In recent years, a junior collegeof new energy automobile technologyand a undergraduate major of automobile service engineeringhave been added. We have accumulated rich experience in professional setting, teaching research and curriculum construction.

  1. Our teachers are highly-educated, double-professionally-titled and experienced.

  2. In 2013, the vehicle testing and maintenance training base was approved as one of the demonstration training base projects in Guangxi. In 2014, the major of automobile detection and maintenance technology was approved as the first key majors in colleges and universities in Guangxi.

  3. We have won 14 awards in the past five years, including 5 awards in the teacher skills competition, 9 awards won by the students instructed by the teachers, 1 national-level award, and 8 autonomous region-level awards. Moreover, we have won 45 utility model patentsin recent years.


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  We have vehicle training center, 11 laboratories, two professional computer rooms with the total area of more than 5,000 square meters. 600 students can study for integrated teaching at the same time. Each training room adopts integration teaching with advanced equipment and facilities to cultivate students as ones with high-level technical skills, so that they can apply for the job without worrying about the working experience.

  With the support of hardware, we have partnership with 27 well-known industrial groups by signing treaties. These groups are guangxi automobile group co., LTD., chery automobile co., LTD., guanghui automobile electromechanical equipment co., LTD., and BYD Company Limited. Our students have been highly recognized by the society.

  Automobile business training center

  We have groups of teachers with rich experience. Some of them graduate from famous universities, and some of them are professors with titles. So we can provide highly- skilled teachers for students.These teachers include:

  Jiang Yunjin, a professor and academic leaderand the teacher of automobile service engineering,graduated from Jilin University of Technology;

  Cui Yuxiang, a researcher and academic leaderand the teacher of automobile service engineering, graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology;

  Duan Jiagang, a senior engineerand academic leader, the teacher of automobile service engineering, graduated from Fushun Institute of Petroleum Industry;

  He Ping, a professorand the teacher of automotive service engineering, graduated from tsinghua university;

  Sun Zhenbao, an associate professor and engineer and the teacher of automotive service engineering, graduated from Harbin university of science and technology;

  Xu Shujuan, an associate professor and economistand the teacher ofautomobile service engineering, graduated from Harbin university of Science and Technology;

  Li Yuqin, an associate professorand the teacher of new energy vehicle technology, graduated from Yellow River Institute of Science and Technology;

  Wang Yechong, a senior technicianand chief technical expertand the teacher of new energy vehicle technology, graduated from China Central Radio and Television University;

  Pan Shengming, an associate professorand the teacher of new energy vehicle technology, graduated from Guangxi University;

  Xie Yongzhong, a senior engineerand the teacher of automobile detection and maintenance technology, graduated from Hunan University;

  Wei Weixing, an associate professorand the teacher of new energy vehicle technology, graduated from Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities;

  Liu Zhaojian,a senior engineerand the teacher of automotive service engineering, graduated from Wuhan University of Technology;

  Luo Kejun,a senior engineerand the teacher ofautomobile detection and maintenance technology, graduated from Wuhan Institute of Technology;

  Shi Jinxiu,a senior engineerand the teacher of new energy vehicle technology, graduated from Guangxi University;

  Ding Gangqiang,asenior engineerand the teacher of automobile service engineering, graduated from GuangxiUniversity;

  Huang Shanyong, a senior engineerand the teacher ofautomobile testing and maintenance technology, graduated from Chongqing University.

  First, Automobile detection and maintenance technology has always been the key major of our College, which has formed a group of automobile inspection majors supported by automobile detection and maintenance technology, automobile marketing and service, and automobile electronic technology. After years of accumulation of teaching experience and improvement, we have witnessed great improvement in teaching, management, teaching quality and other aspects. We have been playing a leading role in the universities of Guangxi through the major. In 2013, it was awarded as the model higher vocational education training base of the autonomous region, the key construction major of the autonomous region in 2014, and the demonstration specialty of the autonomous region in 2019. With an average annual output of more than 400 graduates, the students mainly engage in technical services and management of the automobile work and they are the backbone of enterprises and departments, and are known as "practical, easy to use, useful" high-tech skilled talents.

  The major includes the courses: automotive engine construction and maintenance, and maintenance of automobile chassis structure, construction and automobile culture, automobile electrical equipment maintenance, and maintenance of automobile engine electronic control technology principle, chassis and body electronic control technology, and maintenance of automobile automatic transmission structure, mechanical drawing, automotive electrical and electronic technology, mechanical foundation, car maintenance, car air conditioning and other courses.After graduation, students can work in the fields of automobile inspection, maintenance, parts management, car pickup, vehicle inspection, maintenance and other technical positions in automobile maintenance enterprises; they can work in the fields of vehicle management, scheduling, maintenance, maintenance and other technical work; and they can work in the fields of vehicle safety performance testing station, comprehensive performance testing station engaged in testing equipment operation, maintenance and related technical work; they can work in the insurance company engaged in auto insurance business, accident vehicle technical appraisal, claims and other technical positions; they can also work In the second-hand car business enterprises engaged in vehicle evaluation, identification and other technical work.


  The students are practicingin the training room


  The students are practicingin the training room

  Second, the new energy automobile industry isa national emerging industrywith the concept of green, environmental protection, and pure electric vehicles have been put into use in China. In 2017, new energy vehicle technology major was set up in our college, which is now a key construction project of Guangxi City Vocational University, with a clear orientation of professional training and a training class for undergraduate courses. The practical training teaching of specialized courses is integrated with theory and practice in the classroom, which combines theory with practice to improve students' understanding ability and operation ability of professional knowledge and skillsso as to master maintenance skills and establish diagnostic ideas. The practical training projects include: power battery detection, drive unit maintenance, automobile body electrical maintenance, high-pressure control system maintenance.We strive to build an integrated platform for College-enterprise cooperation, especially attache great importance to the enterprise-orientation of the training room. The training room is built into a standardized training workshop by referring to the repair workshops of automobile maintenance enterprises and 4S shops.By the courses, students can study in the training room as in the workshop.

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  The students are having classes in the training room

  As the undergraduate majors, automobile service engineering focuses on training with deep automotive technology and service theory foundation, to master modern information technology and management knowledge, familiar with relevant laws and regulations, have "will understand technology, good management, service," the overall quality, can adapt to automotive technology services, trade in services, financial services, and other areas of the automotive service job skills of high-level technical personnel. The core courses mainly include: automobile structure, new energy automobile structure principle, automobile service engineering, automobile electronic control technology, automobile detection and diagnosis technology, automobile insurance and claims, automobile maintenance industry regulations and standards. A series of targeted professional courses provide students with a variety of industrial positions, engaged in the design and development, production maintenance and enterprise management of automobile design and automobile parts production enterprises; Enterprises and institutions can be used to manage and dispatch automobiles, and manage and operate the automobile service system; students can engage in the management, operation and service of automobile maintenance, automobile product publicity and market planning, automobile evaluation and evaluation, automobile insurance and claims, etc.


  Vehicle training center

  Fourth, we implement the 1 + X certificate system. With the strong support of the leaders, four teachers Duan Jiaguang, Huang Shiwan, Chen Zhenghua and Liang Weize were selected to participate in the training on 1 + X certificate system in Guangxi college of communications on November 11, 2019.

  The main contents of the study include 1+X certificate system, the core of the implementation of vocational skill level certificate (1+2+3):

  1. A complete set of relevant standards: in the article 5 of the 20 vocational education articles of the state council, the relevant standards of teaching shall be improved. We will implement professional standards for teachers and principals, and improve teaching management and practice in vocational colleges. We will continue to update and promote the construction of professional catalogue, professional teaching standards, curriculum standards, in-post practice standards, and practical training conditions (equipment standards), and the implementation in vocational colleges.

  2. Two practical training budget requirements: (1) teaching materials and teaching AIDS, equipment and instruments, tools and equipment; (2) the budget funds should not neglect the project budget funds requirements of each semester's practical training.

  3. Three implementation designs: training program design, teaching method design, and evaluation and examination design.

  On December 23, 2019, we held a four-day examination of 1 + X level certificate in the automotive field. The purpose of this 1+X certificate evaluation in the automotive field is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the national implementation plan for vocational education reform and the action plan for improving vocational skills (2019-2021), steadily promote the pilot work of the system of "diploma + several vocational skill level certificates", and effectively promote the implementation of the 1+X certificate system.

  1+X certificate system, 1 is the certificate of education, X is the certificate of several vocational ability levels. 1 + X certificate system is the basic system to guide future vocational education activity, is the important mechanism of the docking technology development trend and market demand, is also deepen the fusion, between production and education cooperation is the institutional guarantee ability evaluation criteria can be incorporated into the talent training scheme, practice base construction, teachers training, in the process of cultivating the ability of students to fully realize the improvement of students' individual training and comprehensive ability, effectively promote the teaching reform of automobile application and maintenance (including intelligent new energy automobile), and improve the training level of automobile talents.


  Innovation and entrepreneurship training center


  Innovation and entrepreneurship training center


  Innovation and entrepreneurship center

  Fifth, we are committed to establish college students' innovation and entrepreneurship training center to explore the diversified development of students. In order to improve students' professional skills and practical operation level, and to meet students' practical experience and teaching needs, the college of automotive engineering has launched an innovation and entrepreneurship program for college students, Duan Jiaigang, vice President of the college of automotive engineering, is the general leader, and Li Xianglong, Luo Longjiang, Wei Linbo, Cen Shaofei, Chen Zhenghua, Huang Shiwan, Shu Yusheng and other professional teachers form the guidance team. After several days of preparation, the equipment has been improved, the venue has been restructured, the resources have been integrated, and the car maintenance projects such as car beauty, car cleaning, car maintenance, car repair, quick repair and quick maintenance have been set up.

  The main purpose of this undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship project is to repair and maintain the Collegeteachers' vehicles, to provide quality vehicle maintenance services for the teachers, and also to provide a targeted skill development in the College's professional field for the automotive students.The implementation of this project is based on the practical training mode of combining courses and skills of automotive students. In this way, students of the major realize the integration of production and teaching, so that students can apply the professional knowledge learned in textbooks and classes to practice again, improve their professional skills through this platform in their spare time, and get sufficient exercise and solid skills in the College. At the same time, this innovation and entrepreneurship project applies the specialized process of 4S shops of social services in the automotive field, and each process will be implemented in strict accordance with the requirements of each station, and there are instructors to strictly check. We also provide a strong guarantee for students to go to work in the future and cultivate technical talents with craftsman spirit.


  Car beauty training center