Brief Introduction of Business College

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  Today's IQ and EQ is Tomorrow's Elegant and Great Business

  With the educationalphilosophy of "student-oriented, teacher-rooted, quality-driven development",Business Collegeof Guangxi City Vocational University insists on the Collegeing ideas of "running College with characteristic for dislocation development, integrating industry and education for service to locals". Business College adheres toservingstudents as the toppriority and providinghigh quality education service for society, enterprises, parents and students as own duty,whichactively explore practical talent training mode, cultivatingstudents' abilityon practical application, learning innovation and social adaptation, and guidingstudents to clear development goal,foster correctlearning attitudeso as to improvethe comprehensive quality.

  Business Collegeof Guangxi City Vocational University enrolls more than 4200 full-time students. Now our Collegehas two undergraduate majors, including accounting major and international economy and trade major, as well as six vocational majors, including accounting major, financial management major, e-commerce major, marketing major, investment and finance major and chain management major. The Collegeconscientiously implements the national vocational education reform plan, strengthens College-enterprise cooperation and the integration of industry and education, solidly carries out the "three jiao" reform (teachers reform, teaching methods reform and teaching material reform)and actively expand international education channels. The College strives to become a national vocational undergraduate pilot based in Guangxi and facing the whole country so as to train more high-quality and high skilled talents for social development.

  The Collegehas a strong professional team of teachers with professional skills and noble ethics, which can meet the requirements of vocational undergraduate education development. Now our Collegehas 169 full-time and part-time teachers, including 20 professors, 30 associate professors, 36 lecturers and 47 teachers with masters’ degree or above. The Collegeowns a great number of facilities and international economy and trade training base and the training base of finance and accounting, which were founded and put in use in September, 2017. With the total area of 1826 square meters, training bases includes the international trade training room, the cross-border e-commerce experience center, the cross-border e-commerce training room, the China–ASEAN simulated commodity trading training room, the international trade’s big data analysis center, the basic accounting practice room, the accounting computerization training room, accounting informatization training room, comprehensive training room and manual accounting post training room and other professional training rooms. The business Collegeis committed to building the comprehensive training base of international economy and trade and the comprehensive training base of finance and accounting into more advanced and unique modern training bases among universities in Guangxi.

  The comprehensive training room of international economy is divided into three parts: international trade affairshall, simulated business negotiationtrainingroom and international financial center. In front of the international trade affairshallis the role-playing training area, which is mainly for students to play the role of each training post. The middle position is the simulated operation area wherestudents carry out the practical training of international trade related business through the simulation software installed on the computer. The simulated business negotiation training room is mainly used to simulate the real scene of modern enterprise cooperation and negotiation, so that students can feel the scene, communicate with each other, interact with teachers and students, and play roles, which is conducive to improving the teaching quality. The international finance center enables students to learn financial knowledge and practice simulation, master financial management and investment, and conduct international financial settlement, securities,futures market analysis and simulation operations, etc..

  international trade training room

  The cross-border e-commerce training roomis equipped with e-commerce actual combat training area and commodity shoot studio, business districtand so on. It owns55 student’scomputers, 1teacher’scomputer and one set of photographic equipment, which can accommodate 54 students for group training. Equipped with seg SimALE cross-border e-commerce integrated teaching platform, the training room is able to complete part of the practical training and teaching of e-commerce course and carry out comprehensive training of cross-border e-commerce.

  the cross-border e-commerce experience center

  The China–ASEAN simulated commodity trading training room has China-ASEAN cultural center, simulation exhibition and international commodity trading forum. The China-ASEAN cultural center displays cultures and customs of China and ASEAN countries through commodities and all-in-one machines. The simulated exhibition is mainly used for students to prepare for the simulated exhibition, arrange the exhibition cabinets, receive the exhibition and other trade links. International commodity trading forum provides a platform for students to conduct simulate negotiations on some hot international trade issues.

  Business negotiation room

  With an area of more than 80 square meters, the accounting informatization training roomis the main place for accounting informatization training operation, which owns60 computers, and insists the integration of teaching, learningand practice. The accounting training platform is constructed by adopting EPC interactive practical training teaching platform and other mainstream financial software in the market.Through the practical teaching, students are trained to master the basic knowledge and skills of enterprise finance and accounting, so that students can understand the basic process of accounting work and the practical training content. The training room aims to enable students to master the operation skills of financial software and be familiar with the whole data flow of accounting information system.

  the accounting informatization training room

  Business Collegecontinuesto explore and adjust the educational model, aiming at cultivating practical and innovative appliedtalents, and strivesto improve the quality of applied talents training. While enlightening students' modern business wisdom, the interpretation and inheritance of traditional cultureshould not be forgotten. Since its establishment, the Collegehas trained a large number of qualified talents for the society and becomesa teaching base to train and transport qualified talents for the local economic development.