An Introduction to College of  Information Engineering

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  I.Brief Introduction

  The Collegeof information engineering is one of the second-level colleges of Guangxi City Vocational University. Its predecessor was the economic and technological branch established in 2005. After more than more than ten years development, the economic and technological branch was decomposed into the Collegeof information engineering and the business Collegein 2017. Since the establishment of the Collegeof information engineering, it adheres to the Collegephilosophy “Quality builds the College, talent strengthens the College, culture shapes the College, characteristic prospers the College”, and consolidates hard work, rigorous, realistic and innovative academic atmosphere. And our Collegehas cultivated a large number of outstanding computer application talents for society, who are highly recognized by employers.

  II.Specialist construction

  According to the characteristics of the Collegeand students' actual situation, conforming to the market demand of society and relying on the advanced teaching ideas, outstanding teachers and excellent teaching facilities and training conditions, our Collegefocus on improving students’ employability and cultivating students to become higher level technical and applied talents. Now the Collegeowns one undergraduate major,the big data technology and application major, as well as five vocational majors including computer application technology major, computer network technology major, software technology major, big data technology and application major and Internet of things technology major. The computer network technology major is the key construction major of Guangxi private colleges and universities, which is constructed as the key major in district-level. The computer application technology major is the key construction major in university-level, and the software technology major is the characteristic major in university-level.

  III.Training conditions

  The Collegehas a reasonable training structure and advanced teaching equipment and has set up 11 training rooms, including a data center (cz5207), big data and cloud computing training room (cz5208), virtual reality development training room (cz5209), information security training room (cz5307), software development training room (cz5308), software testing training room (cz5309), system integration training room (cz5407), UI design training room (cz5408), computer comprehensive application training room (cz5409), computer assembly and maintenance training rooms (cz5507), internet of things training room (cz5507), etc. At the same time, College-enterprise cooperation has been carried out to jointly cultivate professional talents. So far, there are 41 College-enterprise cooperation enterprises. The Collegeactively explores the management system of College-enterprise cooperation and constantly reforms the model of cultivating talents. Now the new College-enterprise cooperation model has been established, which integrates scientific research, training and teaching. Based on Chongzuo, faced to Guangxi province, radiated to ASEAN, and served the society, our Collegestrives for cultivating high-level technical talents, who can make use of newest information technology to realize informatization reconstruction in specific areas of the computer industry.

  the students are having classes

  virtual reality development training room

  Software development training room

  5G smart campus