An Introduction to Collegeof Intelligent Engineering

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  Founded on February 24, 2017, the Collegewas established on the basis of the original mechanical and electrical engineering branch. It has five majors: electrical automation technology, industrial robot technology, numerical control technology, mold design and manufacturing, and applied electronic technology. Industrial design (3D printing technology) and uav application technology were added in September 2017; In September 2019, smart manufacturing engineering, industrial robot technology and mechanical design and manufacturing and automation were added as undergraduate majors. Now we have 143 full-time teachers, including 6 professors, 43 associate professors, 25 intermediate professors and 44 postgraduates. With a total area of 4,366 square meters, 7 training rooms are founded: Industrial robot training center, 3D innovation research and development center, uav research and development training center, electrical automation equipment training center, intelligent processing training center, CNC processing training center, mold manufacturing training center and other experimental training bases. Moreover, we have long-term and stable partnership with Nanjing panda electronic equipment co., LTD., Guangxi auto group and other companies in terms of such aspects as the building of internship and training base, training teacher, technical exchange and employment of students. We are committed to cultivate professional talents for the companies, and the companies provide internship opportunities for students so that they have work experience while studying in the university. In these ways, a group of outstanding students are cultivated and the employment rate reached 97% in the past three years.

  We strive to create “intelligence” as our features by giving full play to our advantage. In September 2016, the project of industrial robot research and development training base construction of our Collegewas granted 5 million yuan by Guangxi finance department; On February 24, 2017, our Collegewas identified by the Ministry of Education as the unit of the "industrial robot application talent training center", a vocational educational cooperation project in the field of industrial robots, with the support of 3 million yuan to equipment; In August 2018, industrial robot technology was awarded the key major of private universities in Guangxi. " morality, work, cooperation and innovation", this is our concept; “putting double-professionally-titled teachers (teachers who are have rich experience of practical training and are proficient in modern teaching methods)first, giving priority to ability, combining work and study, highlighting the application,” this is our idea for building the majors. By applying the concept and the idea, we are committed to cultivate highly competent students through outstanding teachers, reasonable curriculum, good training.

  The gate of the Collegeof Intelligent Engineering

  Industrial robot technology professional training center

  Mold design and manufacturing professional training room

  Training room for electrical automation technology majors

  Uav application technology professional R& Dcenter

  CNC technology professional milling machine training room

  Industrial design (3D printing technology) professional training room

  CNC technology professional lathe training room