The Second Outstanding Campus Docents Competition Has Come to a Successful Conclusion

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  In order to carry forward the spirit of loving the school, select and train a group of lecturers who are familiar with the concept of campus culture, school situation and history.On the evening of March 16th, our school library held the Second Campus Outstanding Docent Competition in the concert hall of Chongzuo Campus and the third classroom of the second teaching and learning building of Konggang Campus, and representatives of teachers and students from all colleges watched the competition.

  At the beginning of the competition, Ms.Zhang Manfeng, director of library reader service department, and Ms.Huang Meitao, deputy director of library reader service department, delivered speeches at Konggang Campus and Chongzuo Campus respectively. In their speeches, the two teachers said that campus culture has an important influence on the healthy growth of students, and this competition provided a platform for students to exercise and challenge themselves. They hope that students can achieve ‘everyone is a propagandist and everyone is a commentator’. Finally, on behalf of the school, I would like to express my warm congratulations on the convening of this activity and wish the activity a complete success.

  Twenty-one contestants from two campuses were full of energy, passionate and colorful style.They showed the campus in various forms in PPT,video and landscape.Leading the audience to appreciate the gorgeous scenery of AAA-level scenic spots of the City Vocational University and feel the profound campus culture.

  At the competition site of Chongzuo Campus, He Qinxu, a pre-school undergraduate class of 2020, explained ‘Walk to the Great Lights and Listen to the Great Stories of the City Vocational University’, with a clear theme and rich content. She smiled and explained the little stories of the campus with her sincere feelings, and finally she won the first prize of the Second Outstanding Campus Docents Competition (Chongzuo Campus).

  At the competition site of the Konggang Campus, the ‘Campus Culture Explanation’ brought by Xu Yuming, a Class 1 advertising design undergraduate in 2021.She vividly displayed the campus landscape route in the way of VR cloud perspective, and the audience was fascinated as if they were there. With her outstanding performance, Xu Yuming finally won the first prize of won the first prize of the Second Outstanding Campus Docents Competition (Konggang Campus).

  After the contestants' speech, the judges Ms.Zhang Manfeng, the director of the reader service department of the library, Mr. Pan Ganduo of the College of Management,commented on the contestants' explanation contents and skills, affirmed their wonderful performances, and gave forward suggestions for improvement.

  ‘This competition has made me feel the charm of the school's cultural landscape and improved my language skills. For me, this is an opportunity to break through myself.’ Xu yuying who won the first prize, said.

  Through this competition, it provided a platform for students to show their style, and at the same time, they allowed students to have a deeper understanding of the campus cultural background, school history and school motto, enhance their sense of ownership, and strengthen their feelings of knowing and loving the school.


  activity site (Chongzuo Campus)


  speech by Ms. Zhang Manfeng


  speech by Miss Huang Meitao


  contestant He Qinxu


  the contestant Xu Yuying


  teacher Zhang Manfeng comments


  teacher Pan Ganduo comments


  photo of contestants and teachers (Chongzuo Campus)


  group photo of contestants and staff (Konggang Campus)